M1 Garand bayonet scabbard from Argentina

Unusual M1 Garand metal scabbard. It fits the uncut(and some cut-down) bayonets that have 9.5" blades. The scabbard is all metal and is blued to the point of being black. Thanks to a knowledgeable bayonet collector, I recently learned the origin of these scabbards. They were made in Argentina at the Arsenal Artilleria de Marina Zarate (A.A.M.Z) as replacements for the plastic US made models. The mouthpiece is riveted to the body and there is no internal spring since the scabbard locks to the bayonet in the same fashion as the U.S. version. These are in good-very good condition(no dents and most all bluing present) though their design is somwhat crude which can be seen in the workmanship. Still, it is a nice collectible!! The bayonet in the photos is for illustration only and does not come with the scabbard.
M1 Garand bayonet scabbard from Argentina
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